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International Award Recognition


Board members and staff from the Trust, the Alliance, and Kairos attended the Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRiP) Governance Conference in Orlando, FL this week. During the conference, the Trust and Alliance received the AGRiP Advisory Standards for Recognition Award. The application and award process allow a pool to conduct a self-assessment of its policies, governing documents, procedures, and practices in order to demonstrate that the pool is operationally sound. The application is reviewed by a committee of independent pooling peers from across the country before being approved.


By completing the application and receiving the award, the pools have evidenced that their operations comply with best practices for pools, as outlined by the premier public entity pooling association in North America. 


The Advisory Standards are updated annually, and pools can re-apply every three years.


Below are the other awards the pools and their staff have received from AGRiP in the past 10 years:



Trust, Excellence in Performance Award (inaugural recipient)


Trust and Alliance, Advisory Standards for Recognition Award


Mike Tiffany (Trust executive director) and John Ashton (Kairos executive director), Excellence in Leadership Award


Trust and Alliance, Advisory Standards for Recognition Award


Kairos Health Arizona, Advisory Standards for Recognition Award


Kairos Health Arizona, Excellence in Performance Award for the Clinical Nurse Advocacy Program