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2017/2018 Exposure Summary Due


Your district’s 2017/2018 Exposure Summary is now available online via the Trust website.  To access the Exposure Summary, log in to the Trust website, select "Reports & Documents," and select "Exposure Summary."

The Exposure Summary is displayed in formatting very similar to last year; though there are some updates and new questions that your AIR/AAS will review with you.  It should be noted that property values and content values have remained flat when compared with last year.  (Please note all property values should be reported at full replacement value.)

Please complete the Exposure Summary with your AIR/AAS by answering each question to the best of your knowledge, and verifying or updating information as necessary. 

The completed Exposure Summary should be submitted online to the Trust no later than April 12, 2017.          




Thank you for your time and diligence in completing the 2016/2017 Exposure Summary.  If you have questions on any of the above information, or if you need additional details, please feel free to contact Member Services at (800) 266-4911 or via email at