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Hearing Officer Training


The Trust, has scheduled the next Hearing Officer Training Program for July 20−21, 2017 at the Chandler Unified School District Board Room. The training is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday and end at 12:00 p.m. on Friday (the curriculum has been expanded to allow for more group participation and in-depth learning). The training will be conducted by attorneys Denise Bainton and David Pauole, with Fred Coates and Gail Zamar (hearing officers) facilitating.

The Trust Hearing Officer Training Program trains current and former school administrators to serve as hearing officers in student suspension and expulsion cases. It is designed to help participants understand Arizona law related to student discipline, and to ensure that students receive a fair and unbiased hearing.

Participants who successfully complete the program and who meet additional qualifications are added to the panel of Trust-approved hearing officers. (Additional qualifications include: [1] public education experience in Arizona; and [2] prior experience as a hearing officer, or mentoring with an experienced hearing officer.) All participants will be required to renew their training every two years in order to remain on the Trust-approved panel.

For further information on the program, to register for the training, or to nominate an individual to participate, please contact Klissa Rueschhoff at (602) 309-2872, or via email at