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Transportation Program Audit Handbook


School vehicles and school drivers are among districts’ greatest day-to-day risk exposures. Consider the following:

  • Vehicular accidents account for a high percentage of serious on-the-job injuries suffered by school employees.
  • These accidents can result in costs for automobile physical damage, and for injuries to others.
  • Vehicle accidents may also be associated with workers’ compensation insurance claims, and often, with related losses in employee productivity.

 In recognition of the foregoing, the Trust has developed a new Transportation Program Audit Handbook, designed to help member districts establish an effective audit process for their transportation programs.

The audit handbook focuses not just on compliance with federal and state law, but also on adoption of best practices when/where possible. The handbook offers flexibility, too—it can be used as part of a self-audit process, or incorporated into an audit assisted by a Trust loss control consultant. Either way, using the handbook will help districts achieve safer, more compliant, and more successful transportation programs.

The Transportation Program Audit Handbook can be viewed or downloaded, for free, on the Trust website at (After logging in to the site, go to “Manuals and Handbooks” under the “Resources & Training” tab.)