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TIB 67: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)


Drones are widely used in the corporate setting, and by rescue agencies. They are becoming popular in schools, too, as educators use drones and drone flights for instructional purposes and extra-curricular activities.


In recognition of this trend, the Trust has developed Technical Information Bulletin (TIB) No. 67, Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The purpose of this new TIB is to inform Trust members of:


  •        the definition of a “drone,”
  •        federal regulations related to drone use, and
  •      best practices and Trust recommendations for deployment of drone technology in a school        setting.


The Unmanned Aircraft Systems TIB can be viewed and downloaded, for free, on the Trust website. (After logging in to the site, go to “Technical Information Bulletins” under the “Resources & Training” tab.)