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Winterization TIBs Update


Very soon, temperatures will drop significantly in many parts of the state. Is your district ready?

Colder weather can put facilities, equipment, vehicles, students, and employees at risk. The Trust has resources to help you minimize these risks, and to respond appropriately in case of a cold weather–related accident or emergency. Accordingly, we have updated two Technical Information Bulletins (TIBs) related to winter weather.

TIB No. 50, “Cold Stress,” includes information on: 

  • symptoms of, and treatments for, frostbite and hypothermia; 
  • the wind chill temperature and its impact on individuals working, playing, or participating in other activities outdoors; and 
  • measures that can minimize the risk of contracting cold-related illnesses.

 TIB No. 13, “Preparing Facilities for Winter,” contains:

  •  a discussion of weather-related risks to facilities and equipment, and of the measures districts can take to address those risks;
  • detailed checklists covering critical loss-prevention steps; and
  • instructions on what to do if a weather-related freeze-up or water intrusion should occur.

The TIBs are available on the Trust website. (After logging in to the site, go to the “Resources & Training” tab, then “Trust Training Library,” then “Resources and Training,” then “Technical Information Bulletins.”)