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The Trust/NAU Leadership Academy is a three-day conference* at which participants learn about school-related legal risks from NAU faculty and Arizona’s foremost education attorneys. The Academy is held twice each year: June in Flagstaff, and October in Tubac.

In an effort to bring a portion of the Academy curriculum to Trust members, the Trust is also offering Academy-related webinars, interactive videos, and legal scenarios online. You can access specific items below.

Finally, to register for the next Leadership Academy, contact Pat Buchanan at And for upcoming Academy curriculum items, check the Trust Quick News email that is distributed on Tuesdays.

Recorded Webinars

2019–2020 webinars: 2018–2019 webinars:

Scenario Series

2018–2019 Scenario Series: *Due to COVID-19 prevention protocols, academies have been held virtually since May 2020.