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General liability
Coverage for bodily injury and property damage to others that the district may become legally obligated to pay, resulting from the activities and operations of the district.

Automobile liability
Coverage for bodily injury and property damage to others resulting from the use or operation of a covered automobile.

Professional liability
Coverage for the consequences of a wrongful act, or an error, omission, or breach of duty, for which the district may become legally obligated to pay.

Administrative practices liability
Coverage for: (1) losses associated with proceedings instituted by various administrative agencies; (2) reasonable legal expenses incurred for pupil expulsion and long-term suspension proceedings; and (3) criminal legal defense for allegations of a covered party’s failure to perform duties on behalf of the district.

Unemployment Insurance
The Trust Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program is designed to make UI obligations more manageable for districts. Through the power of pooling, the program: (1) gives a measure of control and predictability when it comes to payment of unemployment benefits; and (2) significantly reduces the district burden associated with UI claims.

All-risk property
Coverage for physical loss or damage to property, such as real estate, personal property, and valuable papers, as well as business interruption expenses, rental value, and accounts receivable.

Automobile physical damage
Coverage for direct physical loss to the district’s covered vehicles. This includes both comprehensive and collision coverage.

Equipment breakdown
Coverage for direct physical loss to equipment such as boilers; air conditioning and refrigeration systems and related equipment; fiber optic cables; and generators.

Commercial crime
Coverage for employee dishonesty, forgery, and alteration of documents. This coverage also includes theft; disappearance or destruction of property; property and safe burglary; theft of district money and securities; and computer fraud.

Non-owned aircraft liability
Coverage for bodily injury and property damage to others, including passengers, resulting from the use or operation of an aircraft that is not owned by the district.

Storage tank liability
Coverage for bodily injury or property damage to others resulting from a release from a storage tank system, including costs incurred for corrective action. Releases can include spilling, leaking, discharging, escaping, or leeching from a storage tank system into: (1) groundwater; (2) surface water; or (3) surface soils.

Pre-paid legal services
Coverage for routine legal services necessary to operate a school district, and for employee discipline or termination proceedings.

Benefits of pre-paid legal coverage include: (1) more predictable legal expenses; (2) access to attorneys who are highly experienced in school law and regulatory issues; (3) online data and reporting capabilities; and (4) standardized legal documents and forms developed through best practice research.

For-profit activities
Coverage for any for-profit activities that are outside ordinary educational operations, offered on a case-by-case basis and subject to final underwriting approval by the Trust.

Mold coverage reinstatement
Reinstatement of limit for a specific location when the eligible district has exhausted the limit offered in Appendix A.3, Section 14.4.4. The endorsement is limited to an additional $25,000 in fungus remediation, per occurrence, per location. The $75,000 aggregate limit during the related agreement period still applies.

Course of construction
Coverage for all new building and/or renovation projects in excess of $100,000, subject to approval from the Trust prior to the start of construction.

Facility use liability
A separate commercial insurance policy providing general liability coverage to outside individuals, groups, or organizations that use district facilities for non–district sponsored activities. Coverage includes the district as an additional insured for these activities.

International travel liability
A variety of coverages, including foreign liability; Mexican automobile liability; and limited accident and repatriation coverage for students, teachers, and volunteers traveling outside the U.S. for district-sponsored functions.

Foundation directors and officers liability
A separate commercial insurance policy providing errors and omissions liability coverage for directors and officers of a district’s separately incorporated educational foundation.

Workers' compensation (in partnership with the Alliance)
Coverage providing four types of benefits—medical care, death, disability, and rehabilitation—for job-related employee injuries or diseases. Benefits are provided as a matter of right, that is, without regard to fault.