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Hearing Officer Training Program
The Hearing Officer Training Program was designed to provide legal expertise and hearing process training to prospective hearing officers. The program makes it simple and convenient for Trust members to access and contract with hearing officers who have been properly trained to preside over expulsion and long-term suspension hearings.

Preparing District Staff for Student Disciplinary Hearings
The Preparing District Staff For Student Disciplinary Hearings program equips district staff with the tools needed to conduct organized, objective student disciplinary hearings. Hearings conducted in a concise, proper, and organized manner are more likely to reach an appropriate resolution, reduce frustration, and save the district time and money.

Trust Investment Pool
The Trust Investment Pool (TIP) invests district funds not required to be on deposit with the county treasurer. TIP employs laddered maturities and short-term investment strategies to maximize returns without compromising liquidity. Each member’s balance and activity are reported monthly, and overall fund performance is reported quarterly. To meet member needs, TIP can establish and manage multiple accounts for each participant.

Leadership Academy
The Leadership Academy is a unique learning experience for school administrators. Academy participants learn about legal risks relevant to schools, including those related to employment issues, abuse reporting, and special education. Attendees work with Arizona’s foremost school attorneys and educational leadership experts to analyze real-life scenarios and talk through solutions. The three-day academy is offered twice each year, in the summer and fall.

The Trust performs various inspections on members’ behalf, including inspections of storage tanks, premises, and playgrounds, and inspections related to water damage. Other specialized inspections, such as hazard communications inventories and chemistry lab inspections, can be performed at members’ request. When conducted regularly and properly, such inspections can identify potential safety and compliance issues, and can prevent injuries, damage to property, and unnecessary litigation.

The Trust has developed a number of resources to enhance school employees' understanding of risk management issues. These resources include workshops; seminars; written manuals; Technical Information Bulletins; loss control and safety checklists; sample documents; PowerPoint presentations; and videos in DVD, VHS, and streaming formats. The Trust works with organizations such as the Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO) and the Arizona School Administrators Association (ASA) to ensure that our education and training materials are pertinent, comprehensive, and up to date.

Trust Quality Assurance Program
The Trust Quality Assurance (QA) Program was developed to provide school construction project support to Trust members at no cost. The goals of the program are to identify common problem areas in school construction projects, address those problems during the project design and construction phases, and ultimately reduce the number of claims that result from poor construction practices. Primary program services include review of construction plans for identification of potential issues with grading and drainage, structure, and foundation; onsite inspections; and written reports by qualified engineers.

Charter Schools
Arizona charter schools are eligible to join the Trust and enjoy the available coverages, programs, and training resources. Charter schools will join the Trust as non-member participants; certain restrictions apply.

Can my charter school join the Trust?
The eligibility criteria for charter schools wishing to join the Trust are as follows:

  • The charter school and all of its programs must be accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).
  • The charter school must be owned and operated by a non-profit organization.
  • The charter school must meet membership requirements pursuant to A.R.S. 11-952.01.
  • The charter school must have been in operation for at least the past three years.
  • The charter school must meet accountability standards specified by the Arizona Department of Education.
  • The charter school must have an average loss ratio of 20% or lower for the past three years.
  • The charter school must meet predetermined limits on key ratios (i.e., quick ratio, total liabilities-to-net-worth ratio, and interest coverage ratio).
The eligibility criteria have been developed to ensure that only those charter schools that are financially and operationally sound are able to join the Trust.

What do I need to join the Trust?
Below is a list of the documents Trust staff will need in order to determine eligibility and provide you with a quote for coverage:

  • Exposure Summary (will be provided by Trust staff),
  • most recent audited financial statements,
  • loss histories for each of the past three years,
  • accreditation certificate,
  • the charter board certificate (or notification request if additional charters are added),
  • percentage change of student ADM for the past three years, and
  • all 90-day letters received in the past five years from the Auditor General’s Office.
If you have any questions, please contact Trust Member Services at (800) 266-4911, or via e-mail at: