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Member Services
Each member is assigned a member services coordinator who provides a single point of contact for questions and concerns. Member services coordinators have many years' experience working on risk management issues in an educational context. Services provided by the Member Services Department include:

  • consultation on member risk management and insurance issues,
  • analysis of member exposures for renewal and premium rating,
  • coordination of policy endorsements for members,
  • assistance with design and implementation of new programs and services,
  • creation and regular updating of publications on important topics,
  • estimated loss/cost to repair or replace, and
  • provision of training in key areas of risk management and loss control.

Each member is assigned a claims adjuster who is responsible for assessing and adjusting claims submitted to the Trust. All claims services personnel work closely with schools to resolve claims in an expeditious and fair manner. When a loss occurs, the claims adjuster ensures that:

  • A proper investigation takes place.
  • All parties involved receive pertinent and timely information.
  • The immediate and long-term effects of the loss are addressed.
  • Business disruptions as a result of the loss are minimized.
  • Claims are processed quickly, fairly, and in accord with the applicable Coverage Agreement(s).

Loss Control
Trust Loss Control staff is tasked with identifying exposures to risk and assisting members in mitigating those exposures.
Loss Control Department services include the following.

  • Risk management activities:
    • developing and conducting training on loss control and safety topics
    • providing safety checklists for self-inspections
    • assisting with creation and/or operation of member safety committees
    • consulting on environmental safety concerns, such as mercury spills and asbestos
    • aiding in the purchase of approved playground equipment
    • reviewing Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) asbestos management plans

  • Inspections related to:
    • premises and playgrounds
    • health, life, and safety issues
    • auto, woodworking, and mechanical shops
    • construction safety management
    • winterization
    • Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) compliance
    • date and time of property loss

  • Forklift operator training and certification